Assorted Works

My name is Sam Welker. I am a freelance artist from Provo, Utah. I have compiled a list of my favorite work to show my style and abilities. I am proficient in Cinema 4D, Houdini, After Effects, The Creative Cloud Suite, and Autodesk Maya. I am learning Fusion and Nuke as well.

Assorted Works and Renders
The purpose of this project is to show my best works to date. I hope you like it.
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This is a set of assorted works from the last several years. It is some of my favorite personal work exploring simulation techniques, studies on lighting, and other various applications available.
This work was mainly achieved in Cinema 4D, After Effects or Photoshop, and Houdini.
I am also proficient in Mantra Render for Houdini, Arnold Render for C4D, Krakatoa for C4D, and Octane for C4D. These skills transfer to any platform (i.e. Maya or Modo)
All work below is property of Think Particle LLC.
An exploration of light scattering to create a playful and fun atmosphere. This project took several hours to complete.
Inspired by the popular Lee Griggs renders this project was created to explore concpets of lighting and structure.
A study made with Arnold Render for Cinema 4D back during the initial release stage. I began this project while on the beta.
A laser targeted reasearch project to attempt to create beautifully refracted laser images with abstract elements to bring color and shape into the design.
A study of lighitng and balance of spheres representing what could be eggs in a field.
Created Christmas morning this project is a basic design to be powerful and extreme.
Part of a daily design challenge I have created a number of renderings. This is an excerpt from August 12th.
The purpose of this project was to quickly and beautifully render millions of particles in 3D space with a "Krakatoa Style".
Here you will find an album of my animations sorted by how many likes were received on Vimeo
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