Think Particle is a studio focused on creating top notch motion graphics and visual effects. With a background in design as well as software development our team is capable of pushing boundaries and creating new looks that you won't find anywhere else.
Motion Graphics can help your business see a massive growth in conversions, build a stronger community of customers, and create a better future for your products and services.
Whether you're a business looking to build/reinvent your brand or a studio looking to outsource part of your project we are ready for you. We are equipped today with the latest and greatest tools and hardware. You can't win a horse race without a good race horse!
We have worked with Fortune 500's and major corporations. We handle projects at scale and can meet demanding deadlines. Don't just take our word for it. Hear what the marketing director of the University of California Santa Barbara had to say after a project with us:
" I trained with Sam one-on-one for a couple of days and learn’t more than any week long tutorial session. Workflow tips and how to’s were worth every penny. In addition... Sam is just a nice guy... and has an ability to think around difficult CG problems and work out a solution very rapidly. I’m looking forward to working more with Sam."
- Peter Allen, Marketing Director at University of California Santa Barbara, College of Engineering
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